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Interested in ScaleUps? They are interested in you!

Masterclass and Info session in Rio with an IE University Professor, the Head of Admissions, and the local office team

PARA QUIÉN Universidad y Master
TIPO DE EVENTO Conferencias
MODALIDAD Eventos locales
FECHA Jueves 23/03/2023
HORARIO 19:00 - 21:00 (GMT -03:00)
Interested in ScaleUps? They are interested in you!

Join us for an insightful Master Class about Scaleups with Joe Haslam, Entrepreneur & Professor at IE Business School, to find our more about Scaleups, and participate in an  Informative Session with Patricia Lozano, Executive Director of Admissions at IE University, to discover the programs in our portfolio.

Scale ups are interested in You

Entrepreneurship is primarily associated with startups, but there is another class of innovative company called "the scaleup" which combines the growth opportunity of a startup with the structure of a corporation. They can be hard to find and even harder to join, but once you know how to get their attention, they are amazing places to work at.  

In this Scaleup Yourself session, IE University Professor Joe Haslam will look into eight areas where companies are exponentially scaling up.

Specifically, he will use the analysis of CB Insights to identify the names of these scaleups and understand the problems they are trying to solve, to determine if they would they be good places to work at in the future.


IE University Info session

If you´re interested in studying at IE University, whether a Bachelor or Master program, don´t miss this session with Patricia Lozano, Executive Director of the Admissions Department, who will be in Brazil for the Admission Week. The topics she´ll cover will be:

  • IE University experience
  • Student profiles
  • The Admission process
  • Steps to take for a successful application
  • How to apply for Financial Aid



Welcome Coffee

Master Class with Joe Haslam

Info session with Patricia Lozano

Nuestros ponentes

Co-founder and Chairman of hot.co.uk

Professor Joe Haslam is the Executive Director of the Owners Scaleup Program at IE Business School in Madrid, Spain. This is a program specially designed for small and medium sized companies that want to scale. He is also the presenter of the High Impact Online Program “Scaleup! How to Successfully Manage Growth” and the Academic Director of the Global Scaleup Program, a joint course offered by IE with the American University of Beirut.