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LATAM Admission Week | Ecuador

Take advantage of this opportunity and make your next career move

TIPO DE EVENTO Sesiones Informativas
MODALIDAD Eventos locales
FECHA Desde : Viernes 24/03/2023 Hasta : Viernes 31/03/2023
HORARIO 09:00 - 19:00 (GMT -05:00)
LATAM Admission Week | Ecuador

Did you know you can accelerate your IE admission process while enjoying unique benefits?

The LATAM Admission Week is our seasonal favourite event: an opportunity to receive personalized guidance for your application, take your entrance exam and/or interview on the same week, and join activities with the IE local team, IE professors and representatives from Admissions. 

Why should I participate?

By completing your application in the scheduled deadline you can enjoy:

  • An application fast track: our Admissions team will be following your application closely and you will receive an answer from them no longer than 7 days after your interview.
  • Financial Aid perks: by participating in the LATAM Decision Week, all applicants are eligible for Direct Awards scholarships * without having to apply to them.
  • A fee waiver (150€): complete your online application with no cost.

* Direct Award Scholarships are given by IE´s Financial Aid Committee based on academic and/or professional merits. Candidates cannot apply for these scholarships and their recognition lies entirely on the Committee´s internal criteria to detect outstanding profiles.


How can I participate?

To be eligible for all these benefits you must:

1. Register in the button on the right to let our team know of your interest in participating in this Admission Week;

2Submit your application before the deadline: March 10th. Our local team will guide you through all the process.

3. Schedule your personal interview and entrance exam during our Admission Week. Our team will offer you slots of your preference and schedule the interview with our Admissions Manager.


Want to find out more about this opportunity?

Next Monday, February 20th we will be offering an Online Application Workshop with our Global Admission Team. This event is not mandatory but highly recommended to:

  • Clear out your doubts about how to participate in this Admission Week; and
  • Receive Do´s and Don´ts Tips for your application from an Admissions Manager.

Start your journey to IE today!