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Designing Tomorrow: Paving the Way for Future Innovation


FECHA Jueves 18/04/2024
HORARIO 18:30 - 21:00 (GMT +02:00)
MODALIDAD Eventos locales
Designing Tomorrow: Paving the Way for Future Innovation

Do you think Vinted is a great solution for the fashion industry's messy sustainability problem?

It's a cool app for buying used clothes, aimed at cutting down fashion waste. But here's the catch: people end up buying more, not less. They grab deals from around the world, increasing shipping and consumption without changing their mindset on owning and using. It won't change the system of fast fashion. Without knowing, it even feeds our 'consumer mind' with a 'more more more' attitude. 

Join us for an enlightening master class led by professor Marco Van Hout  and learn how to move away from traditional solutionism, putting post its on walls with design thinking or trying to make people feel good with experience design. It is time for transformation design. Go beyond quick fixes and truly change how we think, act, produce and build our organisations. 

About Digital Society School:

Situated in the vibrant creative hub of Amsterdam, Digital Society School is at the forefront of innovation. We seek to research the impact of technology on society, develop the skills necessary to guide the transformation and pass on this knowledge and these skills to a new generation of professionals.

Nuestros ponentes

Creative Director and co-founder of the Digital Society School and a visiting professor at IE University