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Living vs Leading Change; the 21st Century Leadership Challenge

Master class in Copenhagen

TIPO DE EVENTO Conferencias y Master classes
MODALIDAD Eventos locales
FECHA Miércoles 28/08/2019
HORARIO 14:00 - 17:00 (GMT +02:00)
Living vs Leading Change; the 21st Century Leadership Challenge

Every day brings a new set of challenges and opportunities. Some of which you have foreseen and others which come right out of the left field. Consequently, change is a constant in our worlds, sometimes we require external catalysts to initiate a change, and on other occasions change arises as a result of an internal self-realisation. The same can be said for organisational and societal changes. 

We as leaders like to see ourselves as Agents of change. Are we really though? Do we just accept that we are inextricably tied to a changing environment, and strive to mitigate risks while maximizing opportunities, or do we initiate and drive the change?

Consequently, we must develop a new kind of leader. A Positive Leader with the skills and attribute necessary to build human centred organisations. Organisations with a human centred approach are more productive, resilient, agile and adaptive to the changing environment.

In this masterclass we will identify the challenges leaders face, and also the skills a Positive leader needs to LEAD rather than LIVE change."

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Declan Noone is a Positive and Mindful Leader advocate, consultant and publisher located in Dublin, Ireland. He is co-founder of Serrano 99 Management Consulting and Positive and Mindful Leaders Magazine, as well as, an Adjunct Professor with IE School of Humans Sciences and Technology on the Masters in Talent Development and Human Resources and IE Law School on the Masters in Global Corporate Compliance.