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The Power of Human-Centered Design and its Impact on Business - Singapore

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TIPO DE EVENTO Conferences & Masterclasses
ÁREA DE CONOCIMIENTO Business & Management
ESPECIALIDAD Administración de Empresas
FECHA Martes 27/08/2019
HORARIO 18:30 - 20:00 Hora local
MODALIDAD Presencial
The Power of Human-Centered Design and its Impact on Business - Singapore

The importance of customer centricity in business increased in the past years. The meaning of design has extended from creating aesthetic beauty to defining business strategy. Many corporations are incorporating design methodologies from customer experience to innovation. Some leading companies even built their own design capabilities in-house. 

You will learn in this session the impact of design on the strategic level. Prof Kim walks you through the service design method and other common tools such as Personas and Service Blueprints. The session also guides you to link experience design with the impact on business. The session combines theoretical snippets and practical exercises. 



Knu defines himself as a professional with an ambidextrous brain who lives across from creativity to intelligence. He is an entrepreneur and design strategist, also passionate about teaching and photography. After 4 years working at LG International in Germany in the field of corporate strategy and business development, he moved to Madrid to obtain an MBA at IE Business School. Because of his genuine interest in design, Knu then started his own shoe brand, Paracia Footwear, leading branding, strategy, and art direction. 

Today, as a business designer in Fjord, he connects the languages of business and design as well as assures the impact of design solutions on business. He is passionate about every aspect of design and the capacity to make an impact on society and challenging the status quo. At IE, Knu teaches the Human-Centered Design & UX course. Through the course, he provides students a different angle to look at business through the design methodology.