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Having HR in your foxhole on the COVID-19 battlefield

Join us to learn about the strategic value of the HR function and get a snapshot of how we teach progressive HR approaches in our Master in Talent Development and HR.

TIPO DE EVENTO Conferencias y Master classes
MODALIDAD Eventos globales
FECHA Martes 26/05/2020
HORARIO 17:00 - 18:15 (GMT +02:00)
Having HR in your foxhole on the COVID-19 battlefield

Facing a COVID-19 battlefield? Then HR is the one you want in your foxhole. Prior to the current crisis, HR has been seen by many organisations as a support function rather than a business partner. Those organisations that recognise the true value that HR brings to the table have successfully harnessed its potential to positively impact engagement, customer loyalty and profitability. HR reaches into every office space in the business. It impacts how we work and with whom we work. The decisions business leaders are having to make and will continue to make in the coming months and years will significantly impact their workforce. Who better to support and guide those decisions and their impact than the ones with the finger on the pulse.

Join us to ask Talent Development Professor, Declan Noone, and Associate Director of Admissions, Thomas Dodds, your questions on studying with us.

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Declan Noone is a Positive and Mindful Leader advocate, consultant and publisher located in Dublin, Ireland. He is co-founder of Serrano 99 Management Consulting and Positive and Mindful Leaders Magazine, as well as, an Adjunct Professor with IE School of Humans Sciences and Technology on the Masters in Talent Development and Human Resources and IE Law School on the Masters in Global Corporate Compliance.