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IE Admission Week Mexico

Speed up your application to one of our Master programs!

TIPO DE EVENTO Admission Events
FECHA Desde : Lunes 06/05/2024 Hasta : Miércoles 08/05/2024
HORARIO 09:00 - 17:00 (GMT -06:00)
MODALIDAD Eventos locales
IE Admission Week Mexico

Are you ready to take your future to the next level?


The Admission Week is an event organized to offer candidates a chance to speed up their admissions process with unique benefits: by meeting the application deadline you will

  • receive a fee waiver (150€) for your application process,
  • enjoy the possibility of being interviewed face-to-face in your region of residence, and
  • get an answer from the Admissions Committee within no more than 1 week from your interview.



Step 1: Complete your online application & submit it

To enjoy the fast-tracked process and the benefits you need to submit your complete application by Friday April 26th. This includes:

  1. Completing the online application (including the English certificate / proof of level)
  2. Showcasing your skills through the application essay and Kira assessment
  3. Sit the entrance exam, if it´s required by your program of interest. You will be able to take it anytime through our IE Global Admission Test website.


Step 2: Face-to-face Interview

Mark your calendar! The Admission Week will give you the chance to join us for a personal interview in Ciudad de México (May 6th, 7th and 8th)

* Candidates from other cities or who can´t make it face-to-face will be offered an online interview.


Step 3: Admissions Decision

Within maximum 1 week after your interview, you will receive a definitive answer from our Admissions Committee.


Take advantage of this opportunity today and fast-track your application to IE University by registering for the Admission Week and sending your application before April 26th.


Have you got questions? We're here to help.

Reach out to us at mariela.sanguino@ie.edu