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Insights for relocating to Europe after an MBA

Join us for a Virtual Information Session

TIPO DE EVENTO Admission Tests
FECHA Martes 28/09/2021
HORARIO 19:00 - 20:00 (GMT -03:00)
MODALIDAD Eventos globales
Insights for relocating to Europe after an MBA

Most professionals doing an MBA abroad aim to achieve numerous goals, such as expanding their network, increasing their salary, job promotions, career shifts, and acquiring/developing key professional skills.   

An additional benefit brought by an MBA abroad is also the increased opportunity to relocate to a new country where to establish a new professional pathway.

One of the top destinations for pursuing an MBA abroad is Europe, not only because of the high quality educational institutions located there, but also due to the increasing interest in moving to European countries.

In this information session, you will learn from who already made it happen, by listening to the direct experience of IE Alumni and discussing with them about do’s and don’ts of relocating to Europe after an MBA.


About the Speakers  

Alumni from the MBA programs at IE Business School.  


This event will be held in Portuguese.