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Legal Tech markets: LATAM & Europe

Online Master Class

TIPO DE EVENTO Conferencias
MODALIDAD Eventos globales
FECHA Jueves 23/07/2020
HORARIO 17:00 - 19:00 (GMT +02:00)
Legal Tech markets: LATAM & Europe

Legal Tech has achieved different levels of development and relevance, depending on the country or region in question.  


While the Legal Tech ecosystem in LATAM is at a very early stage and is beginning to bloom with new startups and services entering the market, the European market has one of the busiest and most advanced legal tech industries in the world, with around a thousand startups registered. 


During the session, Jorge Morell Ramos and Oscar Montezuma will share their visions on the actual challenges of the legal industry, how legal tech services are provided, and the trends and patterns of legal tech across these regions. 


About the speakers: 


Jorge Morell Ramos 

Founder of Legaltechies, one of the first Spanish consultancies specialized in the study and implementation of legal technology. He is also the founder of terminosycondiciones.es, a blog dedicated to new technologies, winner of the award for the best legal blog in Spain in 2014, and the best legal website in 2018. 


Oscar Montezuma 


He is the founder of Niubox, a legal services firm that aims to act as agents of change and revolutionize the way of practicing law in Lima, Peru through the use of legal tech.