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The Impact of Digital Transformation + New Technologies in Business.

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TIPO DE EVENTO Conferencias y Master classes
MODALIDAD Eventos globales
FECHA Miércoles 27/10/2021
HORARIO 17:00 - 18:00 (GMT +09:00)
The Impact of Digital Transformation + New Technologies in Business.

Today, all value propositions and consumer satisfaction enablers are vastly dependent on digital experiences and require disruptive players to think different and design innovative data driven solutions.  

Loyal consumers are worth much more than the mere transactional value; they also build brand reputation, attract new guests, and generate higher financial returns. Business intelligence means understanding every step and the pain points of the consumer journey. A digital transformation strategy must include a Data-lake as your first milestone measuring the entire value chain, customer acquisition tactics and all of the consumer interactions. 

Today, technology and real time artificial intelligence makes it possible to trace, interpret, and cross-check everything with other data in real time. In short, companies must embrace the full breadth of the digital transformation roadmap and artificial intelligence capacities applied to the critical business challenges.  


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Director / Partner: Digital Intelligence, Profitability, Growth & Transformation Strategies, Good Rebel

Kevin es el actual Director académico del curso de Turismo Digital y Digital Marketing Lab en IE Exponential Learning, así como Director académico del Programa de Management de la Organización Mundial del Turismo de las Naciones Unidas.

Además, es profesor de cursos sobre Transformación digital, Estrategia, Marketing digital y Emprendimiento en varios programas de maestría.