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The new Silk Road of the XXI Century: from Marco Polo to Xi Jingpin


FECHA Miércoles 28/02/2024
HORARIO 18:30 - 19:30 (GMT +03:00)
MODALIDAD Eventos locales
The new Silk Road of the XXI Century: from Marco Polo to Xi Jingpin

On February 28th, we are pleased to invite you to our upcoming Masterclass with Fernando Cortiñas Lúquez  - Professor at the IE Business School. 


The first objective of this lecture is to understand what the “Silk Road” was: a physical communication network linking the East and the West since 2,600 years ago, mainly by land but also by sea. We will describe its origins, rise and decline at the end of the Middle Age.  

The second objective is to describe the OBOR (One Belt, One Road) initiative: a € 900 Billion project where China is committed to build a “New Silk Road”, based on the same paths of the historic Silk Road. We will briefly explore its “terrestrial leg” (One Belt) but the focus will be set on the “maritime leg” (One Road), considering the social, economic and political impact that China is producing on its surrounding areas as the country grows.  

The New Silk Road, in the end, is nothing else than an attractive name to describe the attempt of China to become the ruling power at global level by 2050, challenging the USA as global leader.  

We will describe the growing confrontation between China and the USA in different battlefronts: The Trade War between both powers, with its implication on the financial and on the monetary side, where the yuan is trying to challenge the dollar as global reserve currency.  

We will also comment in detail on the growing technological fight among both countries, especially in the telco sector (the Digital Silk Road), the space race and the leadership in the development of biological weapons. We will also analyze the media and reputational war among both countries, another of the most aggressive battlefronts. 


Nuestros ponentes

Professor at IE Business School

Professor at IE University since 1992, Fernando Cortiñas, a polyglot (speaking Spanish, English, German, Portuguese and Italian) has an MBA from Harvard Business School, serves as a visiting professor at over 5  universities and has courses with more than 30,000 students on Coursera. Fernando has over 35 years’ international work experience in leading multinationals, and as a professor in leading academic institutions in Europe and America.