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What's all the hype around Legaltech about?

Masterclass: Legaltech HiOP

PARA QUIÉN Executive education
TIPO DE EVENTO Conferencias y Master classes
MODALIDAD Eventos globales
FECHA Martes 11/05/2021
HORARIO 18:00 - 19:00 (GMT +02:00)
What's all the hype around Legaltech about?

On behalf of IE Exponential Learning, we´d like to invite you to learn more about            the significant transformations that the legal sector is undergoing in view of the rapid technological innovation with IE Professor of Law School, Argyri Panezi.


The needs for modernization and digital transformation of an otherwise traditional sector are ever more pressing. A number of factors have added such pressure. These include, not only client and market needs, but also the current demand for remote work in view of the pandemic crisis.


Throughout this session, we will focus on the key technological changes that affect the legal sector. Among them, digitization, the vast use of data, machine learning, AI, as well as cloud computing and blockchain. We will look at both, private and public institutions: the worlds of law-firms, in-house counsels, courts, notaries and government bodies. We will also pay special attention to the driving-forces of the ongoing transformation to understand what the current hype around LegalTech is about and why is it happening now. 

This session is inspired by the Legaltech High Impact Online Program.

Nuestros ponentes

Professor of Law and Technology, IE University

Professor Panezi is an expert in law and technology and intellectual property.

She specializes in Internet law and policy, intellectual property law, with an emphasis on digital copyright, as well as data protection, intellectual goods management, automation, machine learning and AI.