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Strategic Influence Challenge

Global Challenge

PROFILE Undergraduate Degrees
DATE 16th March 2024
TIME 15:00 - 17:00 (GMT +02:00)
EVENT FORMAT Online events
Strategic Influence Challenge

PROFILE: High school students starting university in 2024 and 2025. Applicants participate individually.


Likes and dislikes play a major role in shaping the many decisions we make throughout the course of our daily lives. We must choose what to eat, what to wear, who to see, and what to do. Our conversations often involve discussions of our likes and dislikes, from what series to watch on Netflix, which concert to attend, where to eat lunch, or what to do on the weekend. Likes and dislikes form the backbone of our online presence, leaving a digital trail that provides insight into our personality, interests, beliefs, hobbies and beyond. As consumers, our purchasing behavior reflects our likes and dislikes; in some cases, based on a careful evaluation of the available information, whereas in others, based on what makes us feel good or seems correct. We live in a media-enriched environment in which advertisers fight to capture, direct, and control our attention in order to influence our likes and dislikes. The same can be said for health professionals who seek to change our daily routines, politicians who seek our endorsements, and charitable organizations who seek our donations.


If you want to gain a deeper understanding of when, how, for whom, and why different tactics of influence can shape our attitudes and behavior, then this challenge is the perfect opportunity to develop and apply your knowledge on these fascinating topics that are relevant to nearly every dimension of our daily lives. The IE University Strategic Influence Challenge is a global competition that provides participants with the opportunity to demonstrate their analytical, critical thinking, and creative skills for the chance to obtain an exclusive award to study at IE University.


In this live virtual session, Professor Joshua Guyer will provide more context on the different tactics of influence. He will also explain the assignment to be able to compete in this challenge.