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Asian way of building companies

Join us for master class in Moscow

AIMED AT Master Degrees
EVENT TYPE Conferences & Master classes
EVENT FORMAT Local events
DATE 11th October 2019
TIME 19:00 - 21:00 (GMT +03:00)
Asian way of building companies

IE University, whose Business School is currently one of the top Business Schools in the world  is the institution of restless learning and powerful connections that always strives for more.  

IE invites you to master class in Moscow to discuss the peculiarities of building companies in Asia with IE Professor and Asia markets expert. 

In today’s global market, looks like businesses have stopped thinking about the risks of doing business in Asia and start thinking about the risks of not doing business in Asia. A big- time future success demands some preparation for the challenges of the new markets.  

Westerns often make common mistakes when trying to enter the Asian’s market, as they don’t fully understand Asia’s diversity and complexity, from cultural differences to business approach. This session will give you a turn on key solutions and practical tools to minimise cultural and business misunderstandings. It will also touch upon the value of relationship “guanxi” in the Chinese culture, and will suggest ways to build a winning and engaged team taking into consideration Asian mentality.  

About the speaker:

Mario Berta is a serial entrepreneur and a true global professional with extensive experience in leadership, strategy, innovation and international expansion. He has successfully built sales and operations teams across Africa and the APAC region. Mario is currently Founder and CEO of FlySpaces.com, a tech-start up operating in 6 countries of South East Asia. Before Mario was CEO of EasyTaxi - Rocket Internet’s version of Uber. He also completed an executive program in Stanford University Graduate School of Business and the Owner’s Management Program at IE Business School and is currently a Visiting Professor at IE.

Our speakers

Founder and CEO, FlySpaces.com

Professor Mario Berta is the Founder and CEO of FlySpaces.com, a tech-start up that empowers SMEs to get access to flexible office and retail space. He also works as senior consultant in the PLDT Group (Philippines largest telecom) and various conglomerates. He consults about innovation, digital transformation, sales and start-up culture.