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Building People Capabilities in The Digital Age

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AIMED AT Master Degrees
EVENT TYPE IE Informative Sessions
AREA Business & Management
SPECIALTY Business Management
DATE 12th September 2019
TIME 17:30 - 20:30 Local time
EVENT FORMAT Face to face
Building People Capabilities in The Digital Age

The defining attributes of the 21st century economy and the fourth industrial revolution are 
innovation, technology, globalization and rapid pace of change. Therefore, an organization’s 
capacity to enhance the capabilities of its workforce and create a culture of continuous 
learning is increasingly vital to remaining competitive. These trends make an effective 
learning and Leadership development (L&D) function more critical than ever. L&D efforts 
need to be closely aligned with the business strategy and support learning at the speed of 
Effective Learning and leadership development programs are designed based on evidence 
based practices for adult learning.
During this Interactive lecture, participants will be immersed with the latest insights and 
leading practices in L&D Leadership which will drive business impact.
Participants will receive a copy of Dr. van Dam's latest book: "Elevating L&D".


Dr. van Dam has over 30 years of business experience as a former partner, Global Chief Learning Officer, HR Executive, and Client Advisor at McKinsey and Deloitte as well as a 
Business Unit Director at Siemens. He has served more than 100 clients from around the 
world as an advisor.

Our speakers

Academic Director of The International Masterclass Learning & Development Leadership

Global Chief Learning Officer (CLO) and Client Adviser at McKinsey

Adjunct Professor at IE University (Spain), Nyenrode Business Universiteit (Netherlands), and University of Pennsylvania

Author of his latest book “Elevating Learning & Development: Insights and Practical Guidance from The Field”