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Conscious technology: Making Circularity profitable in fashion and beyond

Webinar on Sustainability

AIMED AT Executive education
EVENT TYPE Conferences & Master classes
EVENT FORMAT Global events
DATE 8th April 2021
TIME 19:00 - 20:00 (GMT +02:00)
Conscious technology: Making Circularity profitable in fashion and beyond

Thanks to technology, sustainability driven innovation can become a powerful competitive advantage for business. This has led to the new concept Innovability, which brings together innovation and sustainability. Circularity is one of the most important concepts unleashing innovability as a paradigm shift.

Join this panel discussion to learn how to materialize this opportunity in tangible ways with Tricia Carey, one of the most renowned experts in technology and circularity, as well as IE experts. Drawing from examples from one of the most polluting industries, fashion, to discuss how even the most contested companies can embrace sustainability as a growth lever.

Our speakers

IE’s Social Innovation Director/Academic Lead. Prof. of Entrepreneurship and Innovation at IE.

Concepción is an Economist by Universidad Autónoma de Madrid. She holds a Master in Public Administration and International Development by Harvard Kennedy School. She holds a PhD in International Economy and Development by Universidad Complutense de Madrid, who granted her and Outstanding Award for her Doctoral Dissertation. Her PhD research focuses on the use of technology in social entrepreneurship

Director of Global Business Development at Lenzing Fibers

Tricia is a well-known advocate for innovation and sustainability in the textile and apparel industry. Twenty years ago, Tricia joined Courtalds Fibers NY to develop the marketing plan for a brand new fiber called TENCEL. Today, Tricia directs the Global Denim Segment, as well as the Americas Business Development teams, with a special interest in advancing more sustainable apparel development from fiber to consumer use.

Founder at Anthropologylens.com

Michael is fascinated with the interface between Anthropology and Design. He is convinced that only design well adapted to the needs of Homo sapiens is good design and sees it as a link between the theory of the social sciences and developmental work. At IE, his research focuses on the Circular Economy and Design for Social Innovation. Leube is Austrian but lives with his wife and two daughters in Madrid.