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Creative Intelligence: The Edge of Competitiveness

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AIMED AT Master Degrees
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DATE 17th September 2019
TIME 19:00 - 21:00 (GMT -03:00)
Creative Intelligence: The Edge of Competitiveness

The world is transforming at an ever-accelerated rate, with artificial intelligence, machine learning and advanced technologies automating even the most specialized of human jobs. In this new world of disruption and complexity, creativity is emerging as the single most differentiating skill needed in the 4th industrial revolution; as we collectively transition form an industrial age of knowledge-based workers to a conceptual age of creators and empathizers. Current and future leaders are increasingly expected to complement their technical skills and know-how with creativity and intuition. This enables them to steer their ships towards a desirable and thriving future while navigating uncertainty and ambiguity. At the same time organizations must learn to harness organizational creativity as a powerful lever against imitability, and as a key enabler for sustainable growth Creativity is not about art or music. Creativity is an intelligence, and a distinguishing characteristic of humanity. Creativity is our limitless capacity to dream and to create future possibilities previously unimagined. Creativity is play, it is perspective, it is beginner’s eyes. Most importantly, creativity is a process that can be learnt and enhanced This Masterclass demystifies creative intelligence, and explores practical approaches to harness the creativity of individuals, teams and organizations towards higher levels of engagement, effectiveness and competitiveness.

Our speakers

Visiting Professor IE School of Human Siencesn and Technology

Dr. Yazan Hijazi holds a PhD in Electrical Engineering with extensive experience leading multi-million-dollar projects resulting in propriety technologies for the US Air Force, Seagate Technologies, and the US Nuclear Safety Agency. Over the course of 21 years Dr. Hijazi has worked in the role of scientist, professor, executive director and consultant. His core passion is people and continuous value creation.