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Get together with the Vice Dean IE School of Science and Technology

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DATE 18th May 2022
TIME 18:00 - 20:00 (GMT +01:00)
Get together with the Vice Dean IE School of Science and Technology

We would like to invite you to meet Professor José Esteves, Vice Dean of IE School of Science and Technology who will be in Lisbon on the 18th of May, 6-8pm.

Professor Esteves will bring us the news on Science and Technology at IE University. This will be a great opportunity for alumni to see each other and meet IE candidates.

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When José Esteves talks about information systems it is with intensity and a passion that is founded not only in the technology itself but also in the human side of these systems. Focusing on areas such as knowledge management, the implementation of enterprise systems and, more recently, enterprise risk management, Prof Esteves believes it is the way people interact with information technology that will determine the success or failure of its implementation.

A wealth of experience in the corporate world underpins this belief. As an information systems analyst and consultant for companies such as Ciba-Geigy and Sonae Group and before joining the academic world, Prof Esteves focused on understanding how information systems interacted with business processes and human resources management.

Prof Esteves is also chair of eGovernment Software AG- Alianza Sumaq which focus on the analysis and understanding of eGovernment initiatives in Spain and Latin America.

In addition to his research and teaching, Prof Esteves continues to act as a consultant to a number of companies – something he believes makes an important contribution to his academic activities. And his theories continue to be aired in prominent journals and books, such as his chapter on Understanding ERP Systems Implementation in a Higher Education Institution: A Grounded Theory Approach, in Idea group’s 2004 book Qualitative Case Studies on Enterprise Wide Systems. “Consulting provides fieldwork, data and results because, without examples, it’s all just theory. So it’s a cycle – consulting, research and then applying it in the classes”.

Our speakers

Associate Dean for MBA and TECHMBA Programs | Professor

PhD in Software – Information Systems, Universidad Politecnica de Catalunya, Spain; Master in Information Systems, Universidade do Minho, Portugal; Diploma in Business Administration, minor in financial management, Instituto Superior de Tecnologia Impresarial, Portugal; Engineer in informatics and systems, Universidade do Minho, Portugal.