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It's Not Digital Transformation. It's Radical Innovation!

Master Class

AIMED AT Master Degrees
EVENT TYPE Conferences & Master classes
EVENT FORMAT Global events
DATE 20th August 2020
TIME 11:00 - 12:30 (GMT -05:00)
It's Not Digital Transformation. It's Radical Innovation!

We are living through times of change where technology plays an instrumental role. There are massive developments that fundamentally change the society we aspire to be. New business models, wider visibility for organizations and individuals, a greater democratization on the use of technology with a greater touch on disruption, rapid iterations and new versions of everything. We must, however, comprehend all these changes and, most importantly, governing them all for the greater good. Some people call it ‘Technology Revolution’, some others tag it as ‘Digital Transformation’... This is not just an era of changes but the change of an epoch. Fostered by technology, driven by change, focused in the future. It’s not Digital Transformation what is required. It’s Radical Innovation. 

Join us for our Master Class – “It's Not Digital Transformation. It's Radical Innovation!” by Professor Ramsés Gallego.

Our speakers

Strategist & Evangelist at Symantec

An internationally recognized public speaker, Ramses has visited over 24 different countries in the past 12 months and believes that a revolution (rather than an evolution) is needed when considering the move from technology to enterprise risk and that the cloud dimension offers incredible opportunities for businesses today.