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Master Class: The surge of populism and its economic effects

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AIMED AT Undergraduate Degrees
EVENT TYPE Conferences & Master classes
EVENT FORMAT Face to face
DATE 26th February 2020
TIME 19:00 - 21:00 (GMT +02:00)
Master Class: The surge of populism and its economic effects

Populism is surging in countries around the world and leading them toward policies that may not be beneficial to their citizens and to their democratic institutions.  Where is this movement coming from?  What economic trends are driving it?  And what kinds of policies can countries pursue in order to head off the negative effects of populism on their democratic systems?  The presentation will focus on populism in the United States and the United Kingdom, but contemplate other regions as well.


Gayle Allard, Professor at IE, teaches Economic Environment and Country Analysis. A Native of California, she has spent most of her adult life working in Europe, especially in Spain. Professor Allard holds a PhD in Economics from University of California at Davis. Her research is focused on labor markets and development issues in a world that has been radically changed by the financial crisis. She is very visible in the international media, writing articles as well as being interviewed by the leading international press, radio and television on global economic issues. She has worked as both an economic researcher and analyst for prestigious institutions such as JP Morgan and The Economist Intelligence Unit.


Our speakers

Professor of Economics

Gayle Allard, a professor of Economics at IE since 2002, studied at the University of California (PhD in Economics) and Johns Hopkins University (Master in International Affairs), and her research has centered on labor markets. She appears regularly in leading international media as a commentator on today's key economic problems.