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NextGen On The Spot: Sound Cities

Rethinking Music & Night Time Economy in Cities

AIMED AT Master Degrees
EVENT TYPE Conferences & Master classes
EVENT FORMAT Global events
DATE 16th June 2021
TIME 18:00 - 19:30 (GMT +02:00)
NextGen On The Spot: Sound Cities

Music and culture make places better.

Sound Diplomacy is a global expert firm in delivering economic growth to cities and regions, and the tourism and real estate sectors using strategies focused on music and the night-time economy.

This is your chance to hear first-hand from Shain Shapiro, Founder & Group CEO at Sound Diplomacy and Executive Director at the Center for Music Ecosystems, what Night Time Economy in Cities means, and how it could spur a better, more equitable recovery.


Which is the philosophy behind their business model, which cities are good examples of the correct management of the Night-Time Economy, which are the main issues when analyzing a city, how/where they get the data from to make decisions, and much more!


Join us next June 16th at 6pm CEST, for another great NEXTGEN On The Spot Interview!



Music and culture make places better. They create wealth and improve the night-time economy. Music is their universal language. Music and culture is their passion.

Sound Diplomacy defined the ‘music cities model’, which uses music and culture deliberately and intentionally to deliver economic, social and cultural growth in cities and places. They are the global leading team of researchers, data analysts, economists and strategic consultants, with extensive expertise in the music industry, music economics, cultural planning and placemaking.



Shain Shapiro, Ph.D. is the Founder and Group CEO of Sound Diplomacy. Sound Diplomacy is the leading global advisor on growing music and night-time economies in cities and places.
He has defined a new way to think about the value of music in cities and places and through it, influenced over 100 cities and places to invest in music and culture as part of the overall growth strategy. He is also the co-founder of Music Cities Convention, the world’s largest event bringing together the music industry with city planners, developers, policymakers and executives, the Music Cities Community, the leading online platform for music and public policy to intersect and the Music Cities Awards. He is also the Founder and Executive Director of the not-for-profit global Center for Music Ecosystems, launching in 2021.


Through Sound Diplomacy, he has consulted in over 75 cities and countries, in every continent bar Antarctica (and he’ll get there). He delivered the first-ever music presentation at a United Nations’ World Urban Forum and consulted at length with the Greater London Authority, including working on the development of London’s Night Czar and across the Mayor of London’s music policy. His work has influenced the UN, OECD, European Commission and he has spoken at hundreds of global conventions, including delivering a TedX talk on music’s role in cities. He is an accomplished writer, contributing to Forbes, World Economic Forum and has authored authoritative reports on the role of music in cities, tourism, the night-time economy, real estate and recovery.


Shain holds a Ph.D. from the University of London and was one of the top 10 Creative Entrepreneurs in Britain in the British Council's h100 list. Lastly, he is currently writing a book about music ecosystems and their impact on cities and communities.