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The Urban Revolution, Innovation and the Future of Cities

Learn more about IE and the challenges in the Real Estate industry with Flavio Tejada

AIMED AT Master Degrees
EVENT TYPE Conferences & Master classes
EVENT FORMAT Global events
DATE 6th May 2021
TIME 13:00 - 14:00 (GMT -05:00)
The Urban Revolution, Innovation and the Future of Cities

There has never been such an intense debate about the transformation of cities as there is today. The 21st century is undergoing the most profound urban revolution ever, in which cities are the main catalyst of economic and social development. 

Likewise, Big Data-based technologies are evolving, and digital disruption will provide new opportunities at cities´ scale to effectively address emerging challenges. In a globalized world, Digital Cities need to continually offer the easiest and most accessible places to live in, learn, work, travel and play.  

Through real examples of innovative development, Flavio Tejada (Director of the Master in Real Estate Development) will explore the increasing relationship between technology, real estate investment and the making of future cities. 

Details of event

  • Date: May 6th, 2021 
  • Time:
    • 1pm Bogotá / CDMX / Lima / Quito 
    • 2pm Caracas / Santiago
    • 3:00pm Buenos Aires / Río 
  • Venue: Zoom 

Our speakers

Director of the IE Master in Real Estate Development (MRED) & President at Arup

President of Arup, Flavio Tejada is responsible of master planning & urban practice in Europe. His innovative vision has been focused on designing strategic urban projects which allow cities to face 21st century socioeconomic and environmental challenges. 

During his career, he has gained a global experience exploring upcoming relationships between sustainable urban design, real estate development and transport infrastructures.