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2nd Marathon of Entrepreneurial Capital

Join us for a special Master Class & Workshop !

AIMED AT Master Degrees
EVENT TYPE Conferences & Master classes
EVENT FORMAT Global events
DATE From : 20th October 2020 To : 22nd October 2020
TIME 09:00 - 12:30 (GMT -03:00)
2nd Marathon of Entrepreneurial Capital

With the sophistication of Capitalism and private financing in innovation and technology in Brazil, there are plenty investment options for those starting a new business today. Our panelists and attendees will discuss the evolution of different types of investment in new businesses in Brazil after COVID-19.




09h00Seed Capital & Crowdfunding

Seed Capital is the first step in the world of Venture Capital investments. It can be provided by the founders of the new business, informal investors (individuals), or investors specialized in investing in this initial stage of the operation like angel investors.

Crowdfunding and Equity Crowdfunding (or collective financing), in turn, is carried out when multiple sources of financing, usually individuals, invest in a new business. How are Seed Capital and Crowdfunding evolving in Brazil these days?

10h30 Networking

11h00 Crypto Assets e Crypto Funding

Crypto Tokens have been used for a few years as a way to raise capital for the development of new businesses. From Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs) to Security Token Offerings (STOs), this new way of investing and receiving investment has moved the global financial industry, despite the bureaucracies that have been put in place. How are Crypto Assets and Crypto Tokens evolving in Brazil?



09h00 Acceleration & Venture Building

Accelerators select a large number of startups and assist them with a support methodology in exchange for equity. Venture Builder, a more recent concept, provide a similar support to a smaller number of companies, annually. How are Acceleration and Venture Builders evolving in Brazil? 

10h30 Networking

11h00 Venture Capital & Venture Debt 

Venture Capital is an investment used to support new businesses that normally have already demonstrated a great capacity to generate impact in the market. Venture Capital investors help a business to grow quickly and sustainably.

Venture Debt, in turn, is a new type of loan that specializes in the needs of a new fast-growing business like a startup. Since most new businesses do not have a billing history or assets to offer as collateral, the Venture Debt loan fits this reality. How are Venture Capital and Venture Debt evolving in Brazil?



09h00 Search Funds 

Search Funds are investment funds for the acquisition of medium-sized companies, which will be managed by entrepreneurs with the support of investors. Search Funds have won the hearts of premium entrepreneurs and investors in recent years. How are Search Funds evolving in Brazil?

10h30 Networking

11h00 Private Equity & IPO 

Private Equity funds buy equity interest in medium or large companies, often with the aim of improving their management and expanding their impact on society. In coordination with high-impact entrepreneurs, a new big business appears, opening up the possibility of an IPO. How is this type of Private Equity evolving in Brazil?


The event will be held entirely in Portuguese and free of charge. Places are limited.

Our speakers

Co-founder & CEO at Basement


Executive Director at Anjos do Brasil


Co-founder & CEO at Rise Ventures


Entrepreneur - Alternative growth financing for tech companies


Partner at Spectra Investments


Executive Vice President Corporate & Investment Banking - Santander Brasil


Sócia, Head de Educação de Pós Graduação at XP Inc


Sócio, Diretor Executivo de Martech e Conteúdo Digital at XP Inc.


Co-founder & CEO no Distrito


Lawyer at C²Law | Innovation Law | Capital Market | Fintech | Blockchain | Compliance


Partner at DLA Piper

M&A, Private Equity, Search Funds & Venture Capital

Founder at Link School of Business