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4th session - IE Academy online: Digital Transformation in practice: Why? What? How?

Join us in the fourth session of the IE Academy

AIMED AT Master Degrees
EVENT TYPE Conferences & Master classes
DATE 18th February 2020
TIME 20:00 - 21:30 (GMT +08:00)
4th session - IE Academy online: Digital Transformation in practice: Why? What? How?

*This is the fourth session of the IE Academy Online 2019-2020. For the other sessions from the IE Academy Online please see below. 

*The session will take place at 20.00 (GMT+8)

*You will receive instructions on how to connect a few days before the session



We would love for you to join us online for our Master Class – ‘Digital Transformation in practice: Why? What? How?’ by Professor Casimiro Juanes. 

Digital transformation is nowadays a common term to describe the changes required in any company as a result of digital economies, which affect companies' business model, customer interaction, products and services, ways of working and internal workforce. The challenge nowadays is how to apply it in your own company. This session will help us to know the challenges companies face and how to address them through the discussion of real cases and learning from several industry examples. 



Casimiro Juanes is adjunct professor at IE Business schools, where he has for more than 5 years taught Digital Innovation and Digital Transformation in executive MBA programs, as well as in Big Data, Cybersecurity and Digital Innovation programs. 

Over the course of almost 22 years’ career dedicated to IT and security, Casimiro Juanes has held numerous roles of increasing responsibility at Ericsson. Currently, Casimiro is Digital Transformation Driver within Group IT, where he drives change management and education programs to enhance the business transformation at Ericsson. With his extensive experience in business IT and Security, Casimiro brings a business strategy perspective to decisions regarding IT planning, investment, operations and management. “I learned to take the ‘big picture’ approach, get all of the key players and stakeholders involved in technology decision making,. It is fundamental to understand technology decisions from business perspective, and the impact on technology due to business decisions, and be able to execute them” 

Casimiro is an accomplished leader with expertise in digital transformation, technology and IT management, IT security, risk management, compliance, and IT audit.  



The world is in a state of constate change, and faster than ever. It’s vital to be ‘In the know’ and to continuously adapt and widen your knowledge to keep up. Let IE Academy help you develop the skills required to ensure success in the coming decade. 2020 is just around the corner. We will connect you to a world of talents and opportunities from wherever you may be.  

Through our IE Academy you will be able to:  

  • Live the “IE Experience”, networking with our professors and alumni.  

  • Receive an IE Certificate of participation if you complete all 6 sessions and the assignments/business cases required for each one.  

  • Have the opportunity to obtain a scholarship. If you complete all the assignments and obtain an IE certificate, it will grant you an exclusive 20% direct scholarship for one of our master programs starting in Spring or Fall 2020.  

  • If you complete it, you will be provided with an exclusive Executive Coaching session on career development.  

  • Fee waiver for IE Dive-In Experience, IE Weekend, and Summer School 2020 

Participate in the IE Academy for the opportunity to receive a Certificate from IE Business School and earn a 20% scholarship for the IE master program of your choice.  


Our speakers

Adjunct Professor at IE Business School

Adjunct Professor at IE Business School, where he coaches students to learn and apply digital innovation and digital transformation in different industries, putting together business and technology strategies, innovation, and execution. His objective is to educate leaders in the application of technology-driven innovation, a fundamental competence today.