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Beyond Performance, High Impact Leaders


AIMED AT Executive education
EVENT TYPE Conferences & Master classes
EVENT FORMAT Global events
DATE 19th October 2022
TIME 17:30 - 18:30 (GMT +01:00)
Beyond Performance, High Impact Leaders

Nowadays, leaders are required to be more serene and assertive in order to make better decisions and lead their teams with empathy. However, disruptive environments may sometimes affect their internal alignment and by extension, their high performance.

We invite you to discover the physiological fundamentals that will help managers to keep themselves emotionally focused while leading with high impact.

In this webinar, Professor Marcos Cajina, will explore the importance of the self-physiology in leadership to focus the strategic vision and be able to make decisions in situations of uncertainty. Moreover, prof. Cajina will highlight the relevance of human connection to empower the team cohesion.

Our speakers

Founder and President of Renewal® and Professor in the IE High Impact Leadership Program

Founder and president of Renewal®, a specialist leadership company that focuses on the neuroscience of emotional engagement.

Marcos is the eight-time recipient of the Teaching Excellence Award at the IE-Business School and is also a core member of the Center for Creative Leadership/Wharton Business School, University of Pennsylvania, team that earned the prestigious Excellence in Practice Award by the European Foundation for Management Development.