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Big Data Challenge - Nairobi

Join us in Nairobi

AIMED AT Master Degrees
EVENT TYPE Conferences & Masterclasses
AREA Technology & Science
SPECIALTY Cybersecurity
DATE 12th October 2018
TIME 17:00 - 19:00 Local time
EVENT FORMAT Face to face
Big Data Challenge - Nairobi

During the IE Big Data Challenge you will have the opportunity to compete with one innovative business idea based on the impact that technology has in our daily lives in order to be eligible for one 25% scholarship for a master degree from IE School of Human Sciences and Technology. Come join us at the Big Data Challenge either as a participant or as an attendee so that you learn more about this fascinating field.

If you want to be a participant check out the requisites below under “DOWNLOAD AGENDA IN PDF” and submit your entry as soon as possible by sending an email with your innovative business idea to German.Vivas@ie.edu


Download Agenda in PDF

Our speakers

Associate Director of Admissions

Germán studied Economics at the University of Vermont in United States, and received a Master in International Relations at IE. He is the Associate Director of Admissions for the School of Human Sciences and Technology, specializing in the Global Master in Business Analytics & Big Data and the Master in Cybersecurity. Germán´s interests include the future of technology.