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Digital Transformation & The New Technology Revolution

Master class in Beirut

AIMED AT Master Degrees
DATE 12th February 2019
TIME 18:30 - 20:00 (GMT +03:00)
EVENT FORMAT Local events
Digital Transformation & The New Technology Revolution

Join us at our Digital Transformation Night hosted by IE School of Human Sciences and Technology where we will talk about the 4th industrial revolution which is changing from the way we work to the way business, government and society interact with each other and within themselves.

The new paradigm is here to stay enabling opportunities that will shape our future. With sectors changing at an exponential but differentiated rate our habits and way of living face unprecedented change. Bots that can solve our daily problems, drones taxiing us through the cities, additive manufacturing to reduce waste are some of the few examples of the impact of technology. Are we ready for the next generation of change?


Learn more about the impact of the drivers of the 4th industrial revolution like data science, IoT, Big Data, and cybersecurity and see how these trends are defining our current workplace and the jobs of the future.

Our speakers

Senior Director of Data Science & Technology

Seasoned executive of the Consulting and IT industries, with significant business outcomes achievements in big companies through technology enablement. Focused on data & analytics, he covers Data Science and Data Engineering on both, Open Source and Commercial Platforms.