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IEU Virtual Application Workshop (Canada)

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AIMED AT Undergraduate Degrees
EVENT TYPE IE Informative sessions
EVENT FORMAT Global events
DATE 12th December 2019
TIME 18:00 - 19:00 (GMT -04:00)
IEU Virtual Application Workshop (Canada)

Information sessions are boring and dry. What if they were short, interactive, relevant and actually fun?  

In this session, we´ll answer all your questions about IE University AND prep you for your admissions application, going through the process and sharing useful tips and suggestions. 

Topics we´ll cover:

· IE Admissions tips: Do’s and Don’ts

· Steps to take now for a successful application

· Testing – What do you need?

· What goes on your Resume/CV

· What to expect from the Interview and how to best prepare for it

· Any questions you have about the application process