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Master Class: Connecting company ambition and individual purpose

Working Well in the New World of Work

AIMED AT Master Degree and Executive education
EVENT TYPE Conferences & Masterclasses
AREA Business & Management
SPECIALTY Strategy and Leadership
DATE 12th November 2018
TIME 18:00 - 21:00 Local time
EVENT FORMAT Face to face
Master Class: Connecting company ambition and individual purpose

Today’s workplace is more complex and networked than ever before. Leadership teams focus overtly on results and numbers, and often fail to shape a climate in which knowledge sharing and positive behavior is the basis. According to HBR, 80 % of the company’s knowledge is stored in people’s heads and hardly accessible when needed. Mistakes that affect business results are no longer reported and without noticing, behaviors that once worked will be rendered ineffective. To avoid this derailment, assessing yourself and asking the tough key questions is vital. By connecting self-awareness with genuine ongoing feedback from the team, leaders can (re-)develop behavior and leadership styles that fit both the needs of the company and their personal beliefs and ambitions.

In this masterclass, Wim Focquet will elaborate on connecting purpose and positive behavior to obtain better business results. Building on neuro-scientific findings and people analytics, we propose a leadership that is based on climate control and positive psychology

Our speakers

Academic Director and Adjunct Professor Master in Talent Development and Human Resources

Wim acts as Academic Director HR and Talent Management at the IE Business School of Human Science and Technology in Madrid. As Associate Professor, he teaches in the area of behavioral assessment and development. As Director of Human Resources, he implements these learnings in the actual workplace.