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Masterclass - Chengdu: The Renaissance of Renaissance Thinking

Join us in Chengdu!

AIMED AT Master Degrees
EVENT TYPE Conferences & Master classes
DATE 6th December 2018
TIME 19:00 - 21:00 Local time
EVENT FORMAT Face to face
Masterclass - Chengdu: The Renaissance of Renaissance Thinking

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We would love for you to join us in Wuhan for our Master Class – ‘The Renaissance of Renaissance Thinking’ by Professor Nir Hindi.

“Entrepreneurs are The Artists of the Business World” is one of Nir Hindi’s favourite quotations. In his various talks and workshops, he invites us to return to Renaissance thinking – combining art with engineering, science, and technology.

In this session, “A Renaissance of Renaissance Thinking – Why Business Needs The Arts”, he advocates the connection between business success and renaissance thinking – combining the brain of a scientist with the empathy and sensibility of an artist. Using examples of leaders in the business world that have already capitalized on the synergy of art and science, he raises questions such as: is it the balance between the right brain and the left brain that made this person or company successful? How can we accomplish this balance? Why should we do it? These questions help to initiate a change in paradigm.

If you are looking to learn how to stay relevant in the future this is a session for you. A “mind-blowing journey to the importance of art in business”, “game changer session” and “unconventional and one of the most unique talks I have ever attended” to name a few of the comments from his listeners.

Our speakers

Visiting Professor at IE Business School for Executive Education and Founder, The Artian

Nir Hindi is an entrepreneur who, though rooted in the world of technology and business, always has one foot in the creative world.  

He is a part of the training professionals of Financial Times, IE Corporate Learning Alliance and a mentor and visiting professor in IE Business School Executive Education where he teaches Creativity for Sustainable Business Growth.