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Mixtape Talks: Fixed & Loose

Mixtape Talks: Fixed & Loose

AIMED AT Undergraduate and Master Degrees
DATE 15th April 2021
TIME 14:00 - 15:30 (GMT +02:00)
EVENT FORMAT Global events
Mixtape Talks: Fixed & Loose

The shadow of falling leaves, an umbrella left behind at a bench at the park, the sound of a church bell... our everyday life is surrounded by the ephemeral, mundane trivia and sounds of the city.

If art, architecture, and city consist of myriads of such by-products of our beautiful realities, the remnants of our efforts of yesterday's survival, how do we all, as some kind of artists, feel inspired by this observation? What exactly are we observing here, the past or the future? Perhaps, for the practitioners of art, architecture, photography, film, music, etc, working on a project means continuing with this ever-changing tapestry of time by picking up the loose ends of such ephemerals and artifacts, to unweave the fray of people and all the resources in time and space.

But why? How do they reconcile our collective memories into an emerging sense with an ongoing act of art? Beyond the observation of our human nature every day, what are the strategies and methods our contemporaries are using in their artistic practices today to take into a forgotten future?


Momoyo Kaijima – Atelier Bow-Wow

Thomas Daniell – Architectural Historian – University of Kyoto

Yuriko Furuhata - Film & Media Theorist – MGill University.

+ Student Think Hub: Sebastian Ildefonso Arguello Vargas, Hannah Hilde Demeyere, Orchida Ahmed, June Aoun, Catarina Gil de Barros Leonel, Daphné Aléjandra Fournel, Ana Domingo, Danielle White

Curated by IE A&D professors Tomohisa Miyauchi & Marcela Aragüez



The Mixtape Talks evoke the practice of homemade song compilations as a metaphor for our current crave for unexpected intellectual conversation springing from interdisciplinary encounters in professional and social environments that are currently restricted.

In the aim of satisfying this craving, The Mixtape Talks bring together trios of guests from the fields of architecture and design practice, theory, and related side disciplines to fuel conversations around candent topics on the built and produced environment.

Throughout a series of three conversations in Spring 2021, we aim to emphasize the importance of discursive critical knowledge at IE School of Architecture & Design, mixing up theory and practice, student and faculty participation, online and onsite* presence, and diverse contexts, people and places.


Information and instructions on how to connect will be sent directly to registrants’ email soon!


Poster designed by, Federica Caso and Anurag Phalke, 4th-year students of the IE Bachelor in Design.


*Due to COVID-19 restrictions, onsite attendance is reserved for students and professors only.



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