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Online Masterclass: The Power of Today’s Megatrends

Online Masterclass

AIMED AT Executive education
DATE 18th December 2018
TIME 17:00 - 18:30 (GMT +01:00)
Online Masterclass: The Power of Today’s Megatrends

At IE Business school, we like to help you plan ahead of the new trends and to prepare you to make the best decisions possible.

This masterclass marks the occasion of the book launch «Understanding How the Future Unfolds: Using DRIVE to Harness the Power of Today’s Megatrends». Where the authors, Mark Esposito and Terence Tse share a fresh, holistic way to think about tomorrow by preparing for it today: DRIVE. The DRIVE framework examines five interrelated megatrends:

• Demographic and social changes

• Resource scarcity

• Inequalities

• Volatility, complexity, and scale

• Enterprising dynamics

During this masterclass, he will talk about how to simplify the complexities around you, make better-informed decisions, and identify new business opportunities. The conversation will help you to discover how to prepare for uncertainty, own the global conversation, and illuminate the blind spots on your leadership journeys ahead.

Join us to hear Mark Esposito and learn all the different options IE offers to help you achieve your goals for the future.