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The Talent in the XXI Century

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AIMED AT Undergraduate Degrees
EVENT TYPE IE Informative sessions
EVENT FORMAT Local events
DATE 4th November 2019
TIME 17:30 - 19:00 (GMT +04:00)
The Talent in the XXI Century

Change has been a constant in human history, but there are two new characteristics that define change in the XXI century: speed and disruption. In today’s world changes are much faster than ever before and also significantly more drastic. One of the main impacts of living in a world of fast and disruptive change is that professionals/managers not only need to increase their agility to adapt and react, they also need to develop a mindset for growth. In other words, we all need to become creative to be not just “good followers” but good explorers. To go from being disrupted to becoming disruptors.

In this session, Professor Uríbarri will talk from his experience of working with managers and companies from all continents and also will comment the advancements in the field of neuroleadership (neuroscience applied to leadership) with regard to talent development. He will analyze the importance of developing a prevalent growth mindset as it needs to be trained in order not to be invaded by the dangers of a dominant fixed mindset. In our world today a growth mindset is crucial to successfully deal with the challenges of a frenetic world. And it will continue to be even more necessary in the coming future.


Our speakers

Director de Global Outreach de IE University

Joaquín Uríbarri es actualmente el Director de Global Outreach de IE University y Profesor de Contabilidad y Análisis Financiero de IE Business School.

Fue CEO de Executive Education en la misma institución entre los años 2014 y 2018.