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“What does Artificial Intelligence mean to Leadership?”

Master Class

AIMED AT Master Degrees
EVENT TYPE Conferences & Master classes
EVENT FORMAT Face to face
DATE 12th February 2019
TIME 19:00 - 21:30 (GMT -03:00)
“What does Artificial Intelligence mean to Leadership?”

Located in Spain, IE University, one of the leading Higher Education institutions in the world, is pleased to invite you to our next Master Class “What does Artificial Intelligence mean to Leadership?”, to be conducted in Brazil by Prof. Milo Jones, expert in the international leadership arena.

The Cambridge Analytica scandal that engulfed Facebook is only the tip of the digital iceberg towards which governments, societies and geopolitics generally are headed. Digital technology is permeating every part of how we are governed - and effecting who we choose to do the governing.  At the same time, perhaps less visibly, it is effecting authoritarian societies. In this session, we'll explore how digital technology has become what philosophers call a "formal cause", i.e. something that does not merely have effects, but that is actually structuring and shaping political and social choices.


Rio de Janeiro
Tuesday, February 12th, 2019 at 19h00.
Master Class: “What does Artificial Intelligence mean to Leadership?”
Escola Eleva - Rua General Severiano, 159 - Botafogo, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.


Dr. Milo Jones has been a Visiting Professor at IE University since 2008. In the past, he has worked in senior positions in several international companies, and served as an officer in the United States Marine Corps.  He is the co-author of Constructing Cassandra:  Reframing Intelligence Failure at the CIA, 1947-2001, published by Stanford University Press (2010). In addition to teaching "Geopolitics" and "Intelligence Tools for the Business Professional", Milo serves on several boards and consults on strategy and the application of intelligence frameworks to business and financial problems. He is currently researching the geopolitics of artificial intelligence, automation and digital technologies.

The event is free of charge. Places are limited, please confirm your attendance.
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IE professor since 2008. Worked for Morgan Stanley Dean Witter in New York, for Accenture in London and served in the United States Marine Corps. In addition to his PhD from Kent, he holds an MA with Distinction in International Relations, an MBA from London Business School, and a BA from Northwestern University