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Why Artificial Intelligence Will Change Marketing Forever

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DATE 27th February 2019
TIME 19:30 - 22:00 (GMT +03:00)
Why Artificial Intelligence Will Change Marketing Forever

Few companies have developed the data-oriented marketing culture that the Internet Age demands. A number of entrepreneurs however are working on data driven technologies such as machine learning and blockchain that will forever change the way marketers operate.

These changes pose a number of ethical and practical questions. Will advertising to consumers still make sense if AI agents negotiate transactions? How will data privacy affect the deployment of AI in marketing? Will human-centered organizations be better prepared to convince consumers to co-create products or services with the help of data and AI?

Fernando Polo, is the CEO of Good Rebels, a company that works with multinationals like Santander, Ikea and Toyota to engage consumers and digitally evolve their marketing function, using social media, data lakes, chatbots, voice recognition or dynamic data display boards while fostering a data-driven culture. He will explain why we must prepare for a future where the "Mad Men" are giving way to the "Math Men".

Our speakers

Fernando is Associate Professor at IE Business School (IMBA) and an international speaker at seminars and

CEO at Good Rebels, a digital strategy and creative company working with companies like Toyota, Santander, IKEA, LG Electronics or Lexus at the intersection of people, brands and technology.