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Work and Leadership in An Age of AI and Robotics

Join us in this Masterclass in Melbourne

AIMED AT Master Degree and Executive education
EVENT TYPE IE Informative sessions
DATE 11th July 2018
TIME 17:30 - 20:00 Local time
EVENT FORMAT Face to face
Work and Leadership in An Age of AI and Robotics

On behalf of IE University we invite you to our upcoming knowledge sharing event on Wednesday July 11th starting at 5,30 pm.

There is much talk of sweeping technological disruption across many sectors of the economy, here in Australia and abroad. While some of that is perhaps overblown, there is also emerging consensus that Artificial Intelligence technology may well be one of those major disrupters - in finance, transactions, health, retail...

You see no shortage of articles promising to get a busy executive up to speed on this important topic. But we at IE University have a more fun way of getting you briefed: a panel discussion of experts, in the company of other curious but grounded professionals.

Speakers Invite for Artificial Intelligence Event:




  • John McGiffin: Founder and MD of Deep Recognition, Security and Marketing technologies to derive insights about people and vehicles.


  • Martin Kemka - Founder and Analyst of Northrain, a machine learning production house.


IE Professor:

  • Milo Jones, Professor IE Business School



  • Isabelle Delacave