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Jobs of the Future: Are You Ready for Them?- Delhi

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AIMED AT Master Degrees
EVENT TYPE IE Informative Sessions
AREA Business & Management
SPECIALTY Business Management
DATE 15th August 2019
TIME 17:00 - 19:00 (GMT +05:30)
EVENT FORMAT Face to face
Jobs of the Future: Are You Ready for Them?- Delhi

The world is changing, companies are changing, and people are changing at an increasingly rapid pace. As a professional, how are you adapting to this new environment?  


We invite you to join us in an interactive session titled “Jobs of the Future: Are You Ready for Them?” 


You will help us analyze real company examples that deepen your understanding of what is shaping today’s world and the implications of technology on your daily human interactions. What skills are businesses actually looking for? How have job opportunities changed in the past 15 years? How will these opportunities look in the future? And most importantly, how can you fit into this new reality? 


About the speaker: 

Matias Callieri is currently an Associate Director of Admissions at IE School of Human Sciences and Technology School. Previous to his experience in education, Matias was a marketing brand manager in the pharmaceutical sector in Argentina. Matias graduated from a Bachelor in Agro-Business Management with honors from the University of Missouri in the United States and later on pursued an International MBA at IE Business School.