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Admissions Day: Master programs - Rabat

Join us in Rabat to learn more about IE and further your admissions process!

AIMED AT Master Degrees
DATE 16th November 2019
TIME 08:30 - 13:30 (GMT +01:00)
EVENT FORMAT Local events
Admissions Day: Master programs - Rabat

The Admissions Day is a special event in which applicants can complete the admissions process in only one day. All candidates that have finished the online application, submitted the necessary application, and paid the admissions fee will be able to take the IE Global Admissions Test which will allow them to take their interview in the following week. Following the informative session, we offer a Masterclass on the topic: "Key Leadership Skill: How to Influence and Persuade"


• Admission Test - 8:30am - 10:30pm

• Informative Session – 10:45am -11:30pm

• Master Class – 11:30pm-12:45pm

• Networking cocktail – 12:45pm -13:30pm

Professor Balvinder Powar will give you insight and tools on how to use the essential skills of Influence and Persuasion in your business and normal daily life. These are crucial for any leader or person who wants to get more of what they want/be less influenced negatively. These situations arise daily and can be big or small issues but you have to be aware and know the tools/approaches to leverage to your advantage. The session is very practical and based on tested human psychology, bias and personality types. Please join us to learn about this fascinating soft skill.

Our speakers

Director BOOSTER Space Industries & Professor IE Business School

Balvinder Singh Powar, Adjunct Professor, Director BOOSTER Space Industries and Business Mentor at IE Business School. Balvinder is English of Indian origin, resident in Madrid, Spain.  He has extensive experience leading innovative projects globally. His main skills include communications, creative & strategic input, business development & team management.