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The Impact of Logistics in Cities

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AIMED AT Master Degrees
DATE 27th June 2022
TIME 15:58 - 16:58 (GMT +02:00)
EVENT FORMAT Local events
The Impact of Logistics in Cities

Applied research has a fundamental role in helping us deal with the complexities that characterize cities and to lay the groundwork for future research projects that will bring us one step closer to a full understanding of the issue.

Logistics is a crucial aspect of our cities in many ways. Yet, it is often taken for granted or we do not perceive its impacts, whether positive or negative.

Therefore, in June we will be able to present "The Impact of Logistics in Cities," an IE Center for Sustainable Cities initiative, together with Prologis, to analyze and evaluate the impact of strategies, actions, and planning policies to make a positive impact on the urban environment while maintaining the efficiency and functionality of the logistics network.


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