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IE Edtech Venture Day

Join us on May 11th for the EdTech Venture Day, Together we are reinventing education one startup at a time!

AIMED AT Undergraduate and Master Degrees
DATE 11th May 2021
TIME 19:00 - 21:00 (GMT +02:00)
EVENT FORMAT Global events
IE Edtech Venture Day

With technology evolving faster than ever, all industries are being affected. With Education is no different: numerous technologies such as mobile education, immersive experience, internet of things, blockchain and machine learning will leverage profound changes in centenary learning practices, reshaping the nature of human teaching and learning.
When combined with new methodologies and new kinds of interactions, new technologies have been creating powerful opportunities to education institutions of all kinds.
With the aim to facilitate that process in the US,  leading global players IE University and EAB is creating a Virtual EdTech Venture Day.  The EdTech Venture Day is a cutting-edge, highly competitive Startup program designed to identify and support startups ready to show how they're changing the status quo of education today. In the upcoming weeks, we will select Startups based on their originality, financial viability, and ability to have a positive impact on major challenges faced by the education sector.